Mini picnic for completing what we have so far, pushing through to complete the Applied Project Report.

A team empowered by women is an achievement in itself as it encourages and challenges the insights of our thinking process creatively. Our team collaboration was strong with fierce intentions and in unison work structure with only minor complications, which entailed every team member motivating and encouraging each other to gain more knowledge and skills during the completion of our project journey. We also demonstrated each member’s talent and expertise according to the client’s brief professionally when presenting and speaking despite wondering how our marks reflected our efforts to better our project further. It made us question what was missing several times compared to the other team. Although it was not a competition, we still ask and think we did better, but somehow, we missed the memo?

Last meeting with Evergreen labs with a mini picnic at university

Creative Teams 2 was a unit that broke me out of my shell. Indeed, I have had my fair share of group presentations and reports, but this unit hit differently. Meaning the close-knit working environment made it more realistic during weekly meetings via zoom or in-person with team members, clients, and tutors. It was an in-depth interaction and engagement that made me realise the opportunities it would provide to widen my horizons in my future career in the creative industries sector.

3 out 4 members attended the last meeting. Ending with ice cream mochi.

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